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Eli Manning and Lil Wayne are beefing. Wait, what?

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Read Full Article: Eli Manning and Lil Wayne are beefing. Wait, what?

By Charles R. McDonald - SB NATION -

It all stems from that ESPN interview with Odell Beckham and Lil Wayne.

The 2018 NFL season has truly been magical. We’ve had an abundance of overtime games, a couple ties, two weeks of elite play from Ryan Fitzpatrick, and now we have a beef between Eli Manning and Lil Wayne.

Yes. You read that correctly.

Before Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, Giants receiver Odell Beckham had a sit down interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson where he aired out some of his frustrations with the offense. For some reason, Lil Wayne was sitting with him throughout the entirety of the interview.

When Eli Manning was asked about some of Beckham’s comments, he said he didn’t really see the interview that aired.

“I don’t watch Lil Wayne much, so I missed a lot of him,’’ Manning said Monday, with impeccable comedic timing.

Wayne didn’t take kindly to Manning shrugging him off. After all, they were both born and raised in New Orleans — in Wayne’s mind they’re supposed to stick together.

“And here you talk about you don’t watch Lil Wayne much. That’s fine. I’m cool with you, I don’t care what you watch. But you know, this is hometown love, man. You ain’t gotta do me like that. I didn’t say anything bad about you, man.”

Wayne briefly called out journalist Frank Isola, who criticized Beckham and said that there was no point for Wayne to be there during the interview.

Still, Wayne is cool with Eli Manning and there doesn’t appear to be any legitimately bad blood between them.

“It’s still hometown love, I fucks with you Eli. It’s all good, you ain’t gotta watch much of me. You should probably listen, if you could. You probably need to with the way you’ve been playing. You need to bang some Carter V before games.”

The Giants were listening to “Tha Mobb” from Wayne’s Carter 2 early in practice on Tuesday, so it appears the beef is dying down before the Giants take on the Eagles on Thursday night.