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Should the Giants Trade Down in the 2018 NFL Draft? Here is a Trade Scenario that could work for all teams involved

2018 NFL Draft

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By Ian Taubin – Big Blue United 4.3.18

For Giants fans that want to see a Trade Down from #2 Overallin the 2018 NFL Draft. Here is a scenario to make it happen. It is a two part trade, which is the only likely scenario for the Bills to move up to the Giants selection:
Trade #1:
Bills trade #12 (1st), #22 (1st), #65 (3rd)
Broncos/Colts trade 5th/6th Overall
Trade #2:
Bills trade 5th/6th Overall, ’19 1st, #53 (2nd) & #121 (4th)
Giants trade #2 Overall
Giants end up with the following 2018 Draft Picks:
5th or 6th Overall (1st)
#34 (2nd)
#53 (2nd)
#66 (3rd)
#69 (3rd)
#108 (4th)
#121 (4th)
#139 (5th)
Giants also receive the Bills ’19 1st Round Pick as well.

The Buffalo Bills after making a total of 3 trades, to include their past trade up involving Cordy Glenn, would still have a really solid slate of draft picks to build around their future Franchise QB selection at #2. They would also have the following draft picks in the 2018 NFL Draft: #56 (2nd), #96 (3rd), #166 (5th), #187 (6th).
The New York Giants only make this trade if they are not drafting a QB. But if they make this deal, they are guaranteed to have at least one or two of the following players available to them at #5 or #6: Bradley Chubb, Quenton Nelson, Saquon Barkley.