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2018 Giants Mock Draft

The New York Giants select #2 Overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. Dave Gettleman controls the entire direction of the NFL Draft based on his decision with the 2nd Pick. It is going to be a very intriguing Draft Day. Big Blue United 2018 Giants Mock Draft has officially been released. (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ringer illustration)

By Ian Taubin – Big Blue United 4.19.18

It feels like the current NFL Draft of each year is the most important draft in New York Giants history. However, 2018 is very different from past seasons. The Giants are selecting 2nd overall, their highest selection since 1981, when they drafted the best defensive player in NFL History, Lawrence Julius Taylor. To put it bluntly, the 2018 NFL Draft will change the entire landscape of the future of the franchise and we believe our 2018 Giants Mock Draft is a building block to their success.

After a horrid 2017 season, the Giants hired a new General Manager and Head Coach. They have revamped the entire defense by changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 base set. Odell Beckham Jr is still and likely will remain a New York Giant for a very long time. Eli Manning is getting close to the end of the road, which makes this draft that much more important. Do the Giants draft their top quarterback prospect to be the future franchise moving forward? Do they select the best offensive/defensive player in the 2018 NFL Draft, in RB Saquon Barkley or DE Bradley Chubb? On the flip side, do the Giants take the safe route and select OG Quenton Nelson?

My personal belief has always been, if you have the franchise QB, you have the best safety net in professional sports to build around. I happen to like Davis Webb a lot. However, he is still too much of an unknown to me to move forward as the only option. Unfortunately, without seeing his workouts this off-season live, it becomes even harder to gauge his mechanics improvement year over year. Worst of all, Webb never saw any live regular season action last season. Thanks McAdoo! If it’s up to me, I go with the best quarterback available and let him sit for at least one year and develop under a future Hall of Fame QB. If Dave Gettleman believes that Davis Webb is the future, selecting the best non-QB in the 2018 NFL Draft makes all the sense in the world.

Because of the position the Giants are in at #2 Overall, they don’t have to trade up and mortgage the future to draft a QB. They are in a prime position to select a quarterback if one is available in which they value more highly than Davis Webb. We had discussed a trade down as a possibility, but it would only make sense if the Giants weren’t selecting a QB and only dropped a few spots. As Gettleman has stated, “you don’t want to get too cute.”

I have addressed Saquon Barkley throughout the off-season, but I want to express my thoughts in detail. This is the deepest runningback class in what could be over a decade. There are likely Pro Bowl/All-Pro RB’s on Day 2 of the NFL Draft, including one that I selected in my 2018 Giants Mock Draft. If selected #2 overall in the NFL Draft, Saquon Barkley will need to have a similar impact to future HOF RB Adrian Peterson. Most importantly, Barkley needs to perform at a high level for a decade or more. The average lifespan of a RB in the NFL is 3 years. Even the best RB’s usually doesn’t make it to 10 years in the NFL. Only a very select few have that type of longevity, which is what the Giants would need from Saquon Barkley.

If drafted, Barkley would immediately be the #2 weapon in the Giants offense behind Odell Beckham Jr. It would be the best RB talent the New York Giants would have since Tiki Barber. Being drafted #2 Overall, the expectation is Saquon Barkley becomes the best RB in Giants History and a future Hall of Famer. This plateau is what is on his shoulders. Can he be that player for the New York Giants? All Giants fans can only hope and pray that he is that player.

My favorite attribute of Saquon Barkley is exactly the same for Odell Beckham Jr. When they have the ball in open space, they are a threat to score from anywhere on the field. This attribute is what makes Odell Beckham Jr special. It’s something that very few in NFL history have ever possessed.

As mentioned earlier, we must remember that the biggest need for the New York Giants is continuing to upgrade the offensive line. In addition to offensive line, Big Blue needs to find a runningback that can carry the load, as discussed earlier. With Jason Pierre-Paul being traded during the off-season, Big Blue also has a need for a pass rusher. Gettleman made a promise to New York Giants fans that he would fix the offensive line. It won’t happen overnight, but you better believe the 2018 NFL Draft will feature at least one draft pick on the offensive line. If Dave Gettleman wants Eli Manning to continue to stay healthy and play at least another two seasons, he must continue upgrading the offensive line. Without further adieu, here is my 2018 Giants Mock Draft:

Big Blue United Official 2018 Giants Mock Draft

2018 Giants Mock Draft

2018 Giants Mock Draft

2018 Giants Mock Draft Analysis

QB Sam Darnold, USC – Round 1 (#2 Overall)

Witnessing the Rose Bowl featuring Penn State vs USC in person, I was fortunate to see just how special Sam Darnold could become in the NFL. His poise, delivery, arm strength and accurary, are all major positives in his game. In 2017, USC lost 3 starting OL, and their replacements were absolutely awful. Darnold was pressured early and often this past season, including 8 sacks in their last Bowl Game. His QB rating was actually very solid while under pressure, but on the other hand, it also lead to more turnovers. Some may say that Darnold’s increase in turnovers should be looked at a negative long term. However, I look at it differently.

Prior to 2017, Sam Darnold was viewed as the next Andrew Luck, with very few, if any major faults to his game. Darnold has clear cut things to work on in his game, specifically ball security, and that is one of the easier things to fix at a young age. Like Eli Manning, Darnold isn’t very outgoing, and never says the wrong thing to the media. You will not have an issue with any off-the-field questions with someone of his caliber.

Sam Darnold is only 20, I repeat TWENTY years old. His game isn’t 100% there yet, but because of the current Giants situation with Eli Manning under contract for 2 more seasons, this could be a match made in heaven. The Giants spent many awful years on offense trying to replace Phil Simms. They wasted most of Michael Strahan’s early years in the process. Big Blue does not want to do that again. A transition from Eli Manning to Sam Darnold could be the next Manning to Luck/Favre to Rodgers scenario. Let Darnold sit behind Eli Manning and learn from a future HOF QB and allow him to be molded into the future of the Giants. He has been my first choice in the 2018 Giants Mock Draft for a long time coming. Lets see how it plays out on draft day.

RB Sony Michel, Georgia – Round 2 (#34 Overall)

There are a few RB’s in this draft that when watching their type, my jaw drops. Sony Michel is one of the most dynamic playmakers that I’ve seen in many years. He possesses great quickness, lower leg strength, and he almost always makes the first defender miss in the run game. At the same time, he is excellent in pass protection. For a RB to be a 3-down back in today’s NFL, you have to pass protect. Barkley and Michel are two of a select few RB’s that can do everything needed in any offensive system. Michel has all of the attributes to be special in the NFL for years to come.

OL Austin Corbett, Nevada – Round 3 (#66 Overall)

One of my favorite players in the 2018 NFL Draft. Austin Corbett has been compared to Joel Bitonio, as both players came out of Nevada and have similar positives in their game. If Corbett played at Alabama, he would be a lock end of Round 1 draft pick. He can play anywhere on the Offensive Line from Tackle, Guard and even Center. At the same time, he has the type of game that fits every offensive system. I think Pat Shurmur can make Corbett special in his offense.

LB Uchenna Nwosu, USC – Round 3 (#69 Overall)

Nwosu has only been playing football for since 10th grade. His talent is off the charts. In the new defensive scheme, he can play all over the defense. His versatility is a major plus, as he can rush the pass and also drop back in coverage when needed. With Bettcher looking to run multiple schemes on Defense, Nwosu would be a great addition.

OT Joseph (Joel) Noteboom, TCU – Round 4 (#108 Overall)

Someone whom has flown under the radar is Joseph Noteboom. He is a 3x All Academic American. He has played both tackle positions, and if asked, he would play anywhere on the offensive line. If you watch his interviews, you can see very clearly Noteboom has no ego. He just wants to win and wants to be a part of a winning culture. I think his skill set is best at RT and with Ereck Flowers currently in that spot, I think Noteboom could steal that job almost immediately upon arrival. I think Noteboom is another prospect that can be easily molded into Shurmur system and also has the body to add on a few pounds of muscle if needed.

CB Brandon Facyson, Virginia Tech – Round 5 (#139 Overall)

Virginia Tech’s All-Time leader in passes defended, Brandon Facyson has the size Bettcher looks for in a CB. I absolutely love his physical style of play. It reminds me a lot of former Giants 2nd round pick Terrell Thomas. If Eli Apple falters in his clean slate, it could open the door for Facyson to step in. If drafted, he would act as great depth and a special teams player for Big Blue early on in his career.

Final Thoughts

The 2018 NFL Draft has a tremendous wealth of talent at positions of need for Big Blue. I have faith in Dave Gettleman to make selections to help this team get that much closer to that 5th Lombardi Trophy. Whether the selection is Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, or another prospect at the top of the 2018 NFL Draft, I put my faith in Gettleman’s judgement. Whatever happens come Draft Day, I believe the future is going to be bright. Without further adiue, here is a link to my 2018 Draft Board: 2018 Big Blue United Giants Draft Board

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2018 Giants Mock Draft

2018 Giants Mock Draft