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What will it take to sign Odell Beckham Jr to a Long Term Deal?

Odell Beckham Jr

USA TODAY Sports/Danny Wild

By Ian Taubin – Big Blue United 3.30.18

What seems to pushed under the rug is the actual $$ that the Giants have under their control right now with Odell Beckham Jr and why its a complicated long term contract negotiation.
Odell Beckham Jr wants $20 million per year. No Wide Receiver makes more than $17 million per year over any of the next 3 seasons.
As of today, Odell Beckham Jr is owed $8.5 million in ’18. If the Giants were to franchise him in ’19, they would owe him approximately $16.2 million. If they franchised him again in ’20, they would owe him approximately $19.4 million. Rather than paying what OBJ wants in $60 mil over 3 seasons, the Giants could be paying him $44 mil over that period. Keep in mind, these numbers are based on current contracts. 
What the New York Giants and Odell Beckham Jr’s team need to do, is find a happy medium somewhere between those two numbers. They could split the difference and pay OBJ $52 million over 3 years and call it a day. Now that is for the first three years of a new likely 5 year deal. If they add another two years with average growth over the full 5 years, it could look closer to 5 years $92 million, which averages out to $18.4 million each year. That would be $1.4 million above ANY other Wide Receiver in the NFL.  If the Giants guarantee $60 million, which would be the largest overall guarantee and largest guarantee percentage of a contract of any Wide Receiver in the NFL, that “should” in theory seal the deal.
These basic facts are what the media and fans don’t seem to understand right now, because they are too busy focusing on fake reports and drama that does not actually exist around Odell Beckham Jr. The Giants own Odell Beckham Jr’s rights right now with the ability to keep him under contract for 3 more seasons at a lower rate than what he is asking.
Odell Beckham Jr’s people are sharing things to the media to try and cause a stir because his agent knows the current $$ that the Giants have in their back pocket to use against his client over the next 3 years and he doesn’t want to let his client get anywhere near the field playing under those terms.  It’s time to put all of this media frenzy to bed and sign the most talented offensive player in the 90+ year history of the New York Giants and call it a day!

I don’t know about you, but I want to continue seeing plays like the one below A LOT over the next 5+ years…