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Is taking a RB #2 Overall worth the investment for the New York Giants?

Saquon Barkley

Doug Benc/Associated Press

By Ian Taubin – Big Blue United 2.21.18

As everyone evaluates whom they want the New York Giants to select #2 Overall, keep in mind the career scope of a RB in the NFL. The average career of a NFL RB is less than 3 years.
There are only 9 active RB’s that have played 10+ years in the NFL. Below is the current group of RB’s that played 10+ years in the NFL.
Frank Gore (13 yrs) – 9 1,000 yard seasons
Adrian Peterson (11 yrs) – 7 1,000 yard seasons
Chris Johnson (10 yrs) – 6 1,000 yard seasons
Marshawn Lynch (10 yrs) – 6 1,000 yard seasons
Matt Forte (10 yrs) – 5 1,000 yard seasons
Jamaal Charles (10 yrs) – 5 1,000 yard seasons
Darren McFadden (10 yrs) – 2 1,000 yard seasons
Jonathan Stewart (10 yrs) – 1 1,000 yard season
Darren Sproles (12 yrs) – 0 1,000 yard seasons
Forte, Charles, Johnson, McFadden all could be without jobs next season. 
In short, it takes A LOT to have a starting RB last as a starting RB for 10+ seasons. Its extremely rare, especially in today’s NFL with more and more injuries.
Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch & Frank Gore are exceptions to the rule.
New York Giants fans, would you be happy taking Saquon Barkley #2 Overall if it means 5 1,000 yard seasons during his entire career?