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NFL awards 32 compensatory picks with Bengals, Cardinals winning big

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The NFL dished out its compensatory draft picks Friday with 15 teams getting some additional draft capital. The biggest winners are the Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals, who each received additional third-round selections and other picks.

It’s not surprising news, as the Bengals and Cardinals were teams hit hardest by free agency in 2017. Offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler was Cincinnati’s biggest loss, while the Cardinals saw defensive lineman Calais Campbell join the Jaguars.

Both of those signings — as well as A.J. Bouye leaving the Texans and Russell Okung leaving the Broncos — resulted in third-round compensatory picks.

The full list of picks is as follows:

3rd round, pick 97 — Cardinals 3rd round, pick 98 — Texans 3rd round, pick 99 — Broncos 3rd round, pick 100 — Bengals 4th round, pick 133 — Packers 4th round, pick 134 — Cardinals 4th round, pick 135 — Giants 4th round, pick 136 — Patriots 4th round, pick 137 — Cowboys 5th round, pick 170 — Bengals 5th round, pick 171 — Cowboys 5th round, pick 172 — Packers 5th round, pick 173 — Cowboys 5th round, pick 174 — Packers 6th round, pick 207 — Packers 6th round, pick 208 — Cowboys 6th round, pick 209 — Chiefs 6th round, pick 210 — Raiders 6th round, pick 211 — Texans 6th round, pick 212 — Raiders 6th round, pick 213 — Vikings 6th round, pick 214 — Texans 6th round, pick 215 — Ravens 6th round, pick 216 — Raiders 6th round, pick 217 — Raiders 6th round, pick 218 — Vikings 7th round, pick 251 — Chargers 7th round, pick 252 — Bengals 7th round, pick 253 — Bengals 7th round, pick 254 — Cardinals 7th round, pick 255 — Buccaneers 7th round, pick 256 — Falcons What are compensatory picks?

As a protection for teams that are unable to keep talent because they’re outbid in free agency, the NFL provides compensatory draft selections to clubs that suffered net losses. The picks range between third- and seventh-round picks, and are awarded to teams that lost high-priced free agents in the year prior.

There were six contracts given in free agency in 2017 that were worth at least $12 million per year, and four of those — Campbell, Bouye, Okung and Zeitler — resulted in third-round picks.

The other two contracts averaging more than $12 million — Mike Glennon’s contract with the Bears and Stephon Gilmore’s with the Patriots — didn’t land the Buccaneers or Bills early selections because both teams were relatively active in free agency. Tampa Bay spent big on DeSean Jackson and Buffalo brought in a long list of veterans, including Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, Stephen Hauschka and Anquan Boldin.

The picks awarded Friday also mean that the Atlanta Falcons are in position to take Mr. Irrelevant — the last pick of the NFL draft. It’d be the first time in franchise history, but the Falcons are allowed to trade the pick as compensatory selections became eligible

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