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Meet Pat Shurmur, the new head coach of the New York Giants

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The Giants were willing to wait until the Vikings’ season was officially over to land their new head coach, Pat Shurmur. Now it’s official, and Shurmur will take over and try to right the ship in New York.

Pat Shurmur’s work with the quarterbacks in Minnesota is a big part of it. First it was Sam Bradford in 2016 and then when Bradford was hurt early in the 2017, it was Case Keenum who had a career year under Shurmur. That took Shurmur’s resume to the next level, as SB Nation’s Christian D’Andrea wrote:

With Teddy Bridgewater left rehabbing a traumatic knee injury for the second straight year and Bradford eventually landing on injured reserve with his own knee injury, third-string quarterback Case Keenum stepped into the starting lineup and put together a surprising MVP campaign that included an 11-3 record as a starter.

Although Shurmur’s offense is coming off of blowout loss to the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, his performance in Minnesota over the past two seasons is something for Giants fans to be excited about.

The Vikings offense was solid despite key injuries in 2017

Christopher Gates of the Daily Norseman, SB Nation’s Vikings blog, gave this as a primary reason fans should feel good about the Giants’ hire.

But, thanks to a year in the system and a couple of offensive line upgrades, the Minnesota offense made a huge jump under Shurmur in 2017. Despite losing Sam Bradford after the first week of the season and star rookie running back Dalvin Cook in Week 4, the Vikings’ offense jumped from 23rd to 10th in scoring and from 28th to 11th in yardage.

Shurmur is going to get a bit of a bad rap from his first stint as an NFL head coach, as he was the coach in Cleveland for two years and went 9-23. But, given the state that Cleveland has been in for much of the recent past, it’s hard to hold that against him. He’s a solid coach that probably deserves another opportunity to be the man in charge.

And while that NFC Championship loss might give some Giants fans pause, it probably shouldn’t. The Vikings defense picked a hell of a time to turn in their worst performance of the season. Dan Pizzuta of Big Blue View writes that the Vikings’ loss shouldn’t change anything.

Shurmur is going to bring offensive concepts that should open up new possibilities for the Giants. This game doesn’t make those less valuable. This isn’t an ideal game as the last look before he’s announced as the new head coach, but what short of the Super Bowl would be? There are going to be many questions that follow Shurmur as he takes his new gig, but Minnesota’s performance in the NFC Championship Game shouldn’t be among the most pressing.

What he faces in New York is no easy task.

Shurmur has his work cut out for him with the Giants

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