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Matt Patricia is the ‘clear favorite’ for the Giants head coaching job

Matt Patricia

Matt Patricia appears to have the edge in the New York Giants’ coaching search after the first round of interviews. The New England Patriots defensive coordinator, who seems to permanently carry a pencil in his ear and once wore a shirt that pictured commissioner Roger Goodell as a clown, may eventually become the 18th head coach in Giants history. (Photo Credit: Big Blue United)

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By Jordan Raanan – ESPN 01.12.18

For all the rumors and speculation surrounding the Giants coaching job, it appears that a clear cut favorite has seemingly emerged in Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. The 43-year old has been in the Patriots system learning under Bill Belichick since 2004, and for all intents and purposes, fits the bill for the next head coach.

Patricia is described as highly intelligent and has the ability to think outside of the box, which is precisely what the Giants need out of a head coach. Ben McAdoo showed a complete lack of creativity and was unable to relate to his players on a personal level which ended up being a complete nightmare this season and yet, that is what Patricia excels in.

Matt Patricia is young enough to relate to the players and has enough stature to command respect, and with all of the locker room issues the Giants have had this season, a relatable coach may be exactly what is needed. This is a very unorthodox would be a very unorthodox hire for the Giants (especially after the Roger Goodell clown t-shirt incident) but something about this potential hire seems right.

Patricia has a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters degree in education, and seems to be able to use his schooling in order to come up with innovative plays for teams to run. Although he has served as the defensive coordinator for the past six seasons, Patricia actually played offensive line in college and started his coaching career as an offensive assistant and an assistant offensive line coach. Patricia is much more than people realized, and his experience on both sides of the ball, coupled with his overall intelligence and ingenuity makes him the perfect hire.