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What It Means To Be A Giants Fan – Edward LeFurge III

What It Means To Be A Giants Fan

A general view of the Giants Stadium during the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants at the Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Giants defeated the Bengals 29-27.

By Edward LeFurge III – Big Blue United 12.13.17

Not many people remember the day they fell in love, but I do. It was January 14, 2001. I was 7 years old and it was my first Giants’ game, the 2000 NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings. Just 13 rows off the field, I watched with a painted face, half blue, half red, and a white stripe down the center. It was that day, that the Giants routed the Vikings 41-0, that I fell in love. From that day on I studied the team inside and out. I knew just about every person involved in the entire organization.

As a child growing up just 66 miles away from Giants Stadium, and in a family of die-hard Giants’ fans, I was brought up to love the New York Giants.

When I was 12, my grandfather and I became season ticket holders. My mother worked with daughter of Giant great, Alex Webster. Webster played halfback and also coached for Big Blue. We had these tickets from the 2006 season through the opening of the new MetLife Stadium. Sunday after Sunday, week after week, Grandpa and I would drive up to the place that holds most of my childhood memories, Giants Stadium.

For each game, we would show up hours before kickoff and tailgate like true Giants fans do. We were veteran tailgaters. When most people think of tailgating at a game, they usually think of hot dogs and hamburgers. Sure we had those too, but for post game. Grandpa and I felt like in order to play well and win, you need to have a good meal prior to the game. Grandpa would fire up the grill and we would eat like champions, filet minion and lobster tails.

Part of what it means to be a Giants fan to me, is dedication. Since my first game, I have been dedicated to the team that I love. Win or lose, I am proud to say that I am a Giants fan, or better yet, like we used to cheer in my early days as a season ticket holder, “I’M PROUD TO BE A NEW YORK GIANT!”

Edward's Giants Tattoo! Photo: Edward LeFurge III

Edward’s Giants Tattoo!
Photo: Edward LeFurge III

I made my dedication very clear in August 2012. Often am I criticized for doing this, but for my first tattoo, I got a Giants tattoo. When I am asked why I got a Giants tattoo, the answer

for me is easy. I simply respond with, “the Giants are always there for me. They never let me down. Even when they lose, they are a class act.” People will tell me I’m crazy or insane, and I just smile and think, “Nope, you’re the crazy one for not being apart of the best family in the world.”

Being a Giants fan means being apart of a family. Everywhere you go, and everything you do, you will find a Giants fan. As a student going to college in Philadelphia, I am often told that I am crazy for having such pride and wearing my Giants gear around the city, yet every time I do, I find another fan just as “crazy” as me.

This idea of family and dedication is something that derives right from the team. There is no hiding the fact that right now, the Giants haven’t started the season well. Usually, most teams will lose confidence and point fingers at teammates and place blame on coaches for their lack of success. However, the Giants refuse to do that. Instead, we see players saying how proud they are to be apart of this team, or how much they love these guys.

Every week, people always say they cannot wait for Friday, but for true Giants fans, they ask, “Is it Sunday yet?”