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Did the Jets vs. Buccaneers game really even happen?

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I watched NFL games from the early kickoff until the clock hit zero on Sunday Night Football. But I didn’t see a single highlight from Jets vs. Buccaneers. I’m not at all convinced this game even happened.

This happens every week. There’s always one game that goes completely unnoticed, whether it’s because it’s between two bad teams or it’s just a boring game. Maybe that team had a bye this week, I’ll think. Then I’ll see the score and realize that yes, there was a game. I just totally missed it.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not Kyrie Irving out here insisting that the world is probably flat. But isn’t it just a tiny bit plausible that the league might fake a game between the Jets and Bucs? Because let’s be honest: Who even wants to watch that?

This game couldn’t have happened

Wait, let me look up the score. The Bucs won 15-10? That doesn’t even sound like a real score. Did the Bucs, a team that’s on their third kicker since the preseason began, only score five field goals? What is even happening here?

Wait, no, maybe this was a real game

Oh, apparently the Bucs scored two touchdowns with one PAT and a two-point conversion. That math makes sense. Maybe this was a real game.

Nah, it can’t be

You’d think an epic matchup between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown would have been the talk of this NFL Sunday. It was a revenge game for both players, after all. Fitzpatrick was the Jets’ starter last year, when he wasn’t benched, anyway. And McCown played for the Bucs in 2014.

But I didn’t hear a peep about it.

Not even about the fact that Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Did you know Fitzpatrick went to Harvard? If you don’t, you probably haven’t watched any of his games. It comes up every time.

So all signs are pointing to this game being fake. Let’s see if I can find any highlights from this one.

Wait. Yep, this game definitely happened

McCown and Fitzpatrick threw picks on back-to-back drives? OK, that’s totally believable. The Jets really did play the Bucs on Sunday. Congratulations, Buccaneers, on this very real win in a game that nobody watched.

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