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Coach McAdoo emphasizes need to finish plays

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Coach Ben McAdoo breaks down the Giants’ loss to the 49ers after viewing the game tape: 

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Lopsided losses the last two weeks to the Rams and 49ers have raised questions about the Giants players’ competitiveness and determination. Coach Ben McAdoo said today it is not a widespread problem, but admitted there are times when he expects more.

When reviewing the performance of the defense during the opening statement on his weekly conference call, McAdoo said, “The thing that was disappointing that showed up on film is the desire to finish on a consistent basis. There were plays we were capable of making and the desire to finish wasn’t consistent. I need to coach them better and we need to do it better. Not every play, not every player, but it did show up on tape.”
Moments later, he said, “We’re disappointed, but determined. We’re all in this thing together as coaches, as players, and I’m not here to throw anyone under the bus today, whether it’s a coach, whether it’s a player.”

But that raised the question – if a player is not committed to finishing a play, why is he on the field?

“That’s something that we’re taking a look at,” McAdoo said. “We have a 46-man roster on game day, and the players who are going to go out and do it the way we ask them to do it and do it on a consistent basis, they’re going to get a chance to play.

“It’s not one player and it’s not on all plays. It’s something that almost looks like at times we’re waiting for someone else to make a play instead of just pulling the trigger and making the play ourselves.”

When a reporter asked a broader question about “not seeing good effort,” McAdoo corrected him.

 “Don’t put words in my mouth,” he said. “I didn’t say that. I felt the desire to finish needs to get better. That needs to show up on a more consistent basis. We were in positions to make plays, our desire to finish needs to be consistent.”

McAdoo was asked about cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who was covering Marquise Goodwin when the receiver scored on an 83-yard touchdown pass, missed a tackle on tight end Garrett Celek’s 47-yard scoring catch, and appeared to be in position on some other plays.

“Like I said, there were some players in the ballgame who need to show a consistent desire to finish better,” McAdoo said. “I think the post ball in the game on third down (to Goodwin) is a tough play, and a tough spot for him to be in against a player who has tremendous speed. And they’re going to make some plays on you. He had an opportunity on third down where he slipped, he could have come up and had a chance to pick the ball off if he had his footing there. I expect him to make that play and pick the ball off. It was unfortunate there. There were some opportunities on some

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