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Devastating Divisional Defeat

The New York Giants suffered a heartbreaking defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The final score was 27-24, with the rookie Eagles kicker Jake Elliot nailing a 61 yard kicker with no time remaining. The loss moves the Giants to 0-3 on the season and 0-2 in the division. (Photo Credit:

By Harrison Kaye – Big Blue United 9.24.17

What went Right– Superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had a phenomenal game recording nine catches for 79 yards and two touchdowns. The second touchdown was a circus catch with one hand in the left corner of the end zone. It is amazing how the Giants are a different team with Odell on the field than they are without him. One would think it is next man up, but without him on the field the Giants couldn’t get anything going. Another positive today were the big performances by wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard. Marshall finished the game with eight catches for 66 yards. Shepard recorded seven catches for 133 yards and one touchdown. When the game was tied 14-14 in the fourth quarter, Eli Manning threw a slant to Sterling Shepard who took the perfectly thrown pass 77 yards for the touchdown, giving the Giants a 21-14 lead (their first of the season). Landon Collins had a great game recording nine tackles and a huge forced fumble. This forced fumble came right after the Giants scored their first touchdown and it gave the Giants phenomenal field position and they ended up scoring and tying the game. Eli Manning woke up in the fourth quarter and played like the Eli we all expected coming into the season. He ended up with 366 yards and three touchdowns. Today Eli looked the best he’s looked all season. Hopefully he can keep it up. The Giants scored more points in the fourth quarter on Sunday than they did in the first 11 quarters of the season. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because hopefully the offense is on track. It’s bad because those are pathetic numbers that an offense of the caliber of the Giants shouldn’t be recording. The final bright spot of the day was the phenomenal kicking of Aldrick Rosas. The rookie kicker did a great job on kickoffs and at the time hit the go-ahead field goal for the Giants. It is obvious that the Giants have found their kicker for the foreseeable future.

What Went Wrong– On Sunday, the Giants tackling was awful. On numerous plays, the Giants had the runner in the backfield and they allowed the runner to not only escape their pursuit, but gain positive yards on the play. It is small plays like these that are the difference between winning and losing. On Sunday, the Giants were unable to make these key small plays. The Giants offense was non-existent through three quarters against the Eagles. Twice the Giants had the ball in Eagles territory and they were unable to score. Right before the half the Giants defense stopped Philly on 4th down and 8 from the Giants 43 yard line. The Giants drove down the field and got within the half yard line. Twice Sterling Shepard should’ve had a touchdown but on one the ball didn’t cross the goal line and on the other the ball came out after he hit the ground. There is a rule that the receiver has to finish out a catch and can’t let the ball come out even if the ground causes it to on a touchdown. The Giants went for it on fourth down and running back Orleans Darkwa was stopped two yards short of the end zone. The Giants can’t give up free points. They should have kicked a field goal on fourth down. Now of course I wouldn’t be saying this if they would have converted on fourth down, but they didn’t and the Giants ended up losing by three points. They left at the minimum six points on the table. This could be a mix of things, but the main thing is bad play calling. Head Coach Ben McAdoo is the primary play caller and he hasn’t been doing a very good job. The Giants offense is extremely predictable and there is no creativity. The offense consists of draws and underneath passes. Imagine what Bill Belichick would do with the kind of weapons the Giants possess. On second thought, I would rather not.  Second year cornerback Eli Apple had two extremely costly pass interference penalties. He has to learn to turn his head around and try to make a play on the ball.


The Giants are 0-3 and history says their playoff hopes are pretty much gone (only three teams have ever made the playoffs after starting 0-3). Don’t quite lose hope in the Giants yet. They are an extremely talented team that will figure it out. Let’s just hope that it isn’t too late when they do. History is not on the Giants side, but like Odell Beckham Jr. said postgame “History is meant to be re-written.” The Giants face a tough task going to Tampa Bay next week to play the Buccaneers. Let’s see what type of team we have. We win and we have a shot. We lose, then start thinking about our draft pick.