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Two Tales Of A City

There are two NFL teams in New York, each as different as the next. There are many reasons why each can expect an entirely different outcome this season. (Photo Credit:

By Meir Sommer – Big Blue United 8.21.17

New York City is the paradigm of diversity. It is home to people of nationalities from all around the globe who speak a combined 800 unique languages. It’s comprised of five boroughs and each is as distinctive as the cultures they include. Given all of the diversity, it is fitting that New York’s two NFL teams, the Jets and Giants, are unimaginably dissimilar as well.

Founded in 1925, the Giants have an illustrious history including 8 World Championships, 20 Hall of Fame inductees, and multiple MVP award winners. Meanwhile the Jets have much less to boast about. Their lone championship came in 1962, they have a mere five Hall of Famers, and despite being founded close to 60 years ago, the team has only 17 winning seasons and thirteen playoff appearances. Conversely, the Giants display a remarkable consistency during the same span including 24 winning seasons and 16 playoff appearances.

Perhaps the most accurate barometer of the stark contrast between the Jets and Giants is the state of the respective quarterback situation on each team. The Jets have yet to determine who their week one starter will be with less than a month remaining until they face their division rival, the Buffalo Bills to kick of the regular season. There’s a two way competition to determine whether it’s Christian Hackenberg or Josh McCown who will get to lead the Jets towards a season full of inevitable disappointment and mediocrity. Meanwhile, the Giants are confident that two time Superbowl MVP Eli Manning will be able to lead the team to a second consecutive playoff berth and perhaps even, another Superbowl to cement Manning’s hall of fame legacy. The only question that remains is whether heir apparent Davis Webb will be the man left standing upon Eli Manning’s retirement to take up the reigns of the franchise in a few years.

Over the course of the past few years, Giants GM Jerry Reese has managed to create a medley of young superstars, talented veterans, and promising rookies. The biggest obstacle the Giants face is whether an improved offensive line can give future Hall of Famer Eli Manning can get enough time to hit one of the many weapons he has to work with. When the Big Blue defensive unit takes the field in 2017, they’ll be seen as one of the best in the whole league. Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan, on the other hand, has left fans little to be optimistic about. The Jets are in a full scale rebuild and like it or not, a season with anything above three wins is an abject failure. All that fans have to feel excited about moving forward is which young quarterback will be selected in the 2018 draft to replace Christian Hackenberg because if one thing is clear, it is that he is not the long term answer.


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