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Your Keys to Fantasy Football Draft Success

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football season is here! Make sure you are ready for your draft and have your sleepers and keepers ready to go! (Photo Credit: Danny Wild/USA Today Sports)

By PlayDraft – Big Blue United 8.31.17

The NFL preseason is almost over and fantasy football is right around the corner. Every year league owners re-activate their leagues in order to play another hard fought season of the most popular fantasy sport in the world. Some people play fantasy football for fun and others play for money. No matter what category you find yourself in you will still need to dominate during your fantasy draft. Fantasy leagues aren’t won on draft day, but they certainly can be lost. In order to help you prepare for your 2017 fantasy football draft we’ll walk you through a few of the most important things to understand.

Running Back Mystery
In past years there are almost always five or six running backs that fantasy football players can lock in toward the top of the first round. This is no longer the case. Outside of LeVeon Bell (PIT) and David Johnson (ARI) there are no locks in the top-12 picks for a running back. This is a marked departure from years past where the running back position dominated the sport. Now more and more teams are going to dual backfields while also opting to air the ball out instead of pounding the rock. Our advice? Don’t overpay for mediocre talent. Avoid guys like Isaiah Crowell and Jay Ajayi in the top two or three rounds and wait to pick a starter in the later rounds. We particularly like guys like Lamar Miller, Ameer Abdullah, and Carlos Hyde.

Know Your League
We might both play the same fantasy football players but our scoring could dictate dramatically different results. Some leagues play with points per receptions, others add in yardage bonuses on kick and punt returns. Knowing your league’s scoring system is a huge benefit when it comes to draft day. A player like Tyreek Hill, an electric returner, is easily a top pick in the first three rounds of my league. In a league with no yardage bonus he is a borderline 6th or 7th rounder. Take a look at your scoring system and let it work with your rankings.

Try Something New
We only really get 14 weeks of fantasy football fun and before that number is even halfway gone most teams know if they are out of the running or not. Whether you are dominating your season long leagues or not we advise people to try something new. Daily fantasy has become a great way to play fantasy football while also winning real cash. Outlets like DRAFT are surging daily fantasy websites that offer gamers the chance to bet big and bet on their own skills thanks to an adherence to the snake draft format. With only 14 playable weeks of fantasy football don’t be afraid to try something new out.

Script Your Draft
You know how most football teams have a ‘script’ that they follow for the first drive or two of the game? You need to do the same thing with your fantasy football draft. The first two or three rounds of the draft should contain minimal surprises. Script out who you want and where, based on their average draft position, but always be ready to pivot if a curveball ends up being sent your way. Remember, you can’t win on draft day but you can certainly end up losing.