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Derwin James: The new prototype for Safties

Derwin James

And to some, he is something completely different. He is a new breed of football player: a 6’3″, 220-pound roamer capable of playing just about any position on the field. Safety? Of course. Linebacker? Sure. Defensive end? Why not. (Photo Credit: Logan Stanford – AP Photos)

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By Adam Kramer – Bleacher Report 08.29.17

Derwin James has become somewhat of a household name coming into this upcoming college football season, despite only playing two games last year. His athleticism and awareness are something to marvel at, but the most redeemable trait is his ability to play all over the field.

During his freshman year, James had 91 tackles and 4.5 sacks, taking the nation by storm. Living in Tallahassee during Derwin James’  freshman year, he became larger than life. Every single student knew his name, and now, thanks to his skillset, the whole nation knows.

He has shown himself as a leader, and has the swagger to back it up on defense. As far as his potential as an NFL player, James is about as sure as a prospect as they come, his ball skills and ability to play in coverage are unmatched, he has Kam Chancellor upside and the athleticism of Jabrill Peppers. The kid is an absolute freak, and he will continue to wow NFL scouts this upcoming season.