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NFL games could be headed to old-school TV channel


NFL games could soon be on an unfamiliar channel for young fans of the sport. Decades after Turner Sports got out of the NFL broadcasting business, a report from Sporting News suggests the network could bid on rights to games when the league’s current deal expires. (Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale/USA Today)

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By Joe Giglio – 5.24.17

NFL games could have another new look in the future as Turner Sports reportedly may make a bid for NFL games when the league’s contract with its current networks expires in 2022. The channel Turner would likely put games on would be TNT, which currently airs a large portion of NBA games, NCAA March Madness and the MLB playoffs. The channel TNT could replace? Potentially ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

CBS and Fox are unlikely to relinquish their grasp on the majority of NFL contests, but with ESPN struggling with some downsizing the channel could potentially lose Monday Night Football to TNT and Turner. This probably wouldn’t be the biggest deal to many NFL fans but would be a monumental movement in regards to NFL television negotiations. The NFL hasn’t aired a game on TNT since 1997 and a return could bolster the network to a new height. This won’t be decided or years to come, but the Turner vice president showing interest could just be the first domino in a chain of events that changes how fans watch the NFL, and the Giants, in the future.