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New York Giants Most Improved Positions

New York Giants

New York Giants

Last year, the various position units on the New York Giants roster that failed to live up to expectations weren’t exactly a secret. (Bruce Newman, Oxford Eagle via AP)

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By Patricia Traina – Bleacher Report 05.30.17

The New York Giants downfall last season came from a few different positions under performing. The teams front office assessed the problems during the offseason and Jerry Reese and co. feel as though they were able to fix their positional issues.

During crunch time, the New York Giants offense had issues getting points on the board, Eli Manning couldn’t get anything going on offense due to the lack of a running game and the fact that outside of Odell Beckham Jr., there was no other threat. Reese saw this as a major threat for an aging Quarterback, and decided to give him another weapon to line up outside the numbers, Brandon Marshall.

With the addition of Marshall, defenses are now forced to come up with a game plan to contain two top receivers in this game. With the Tight End position being completely anemic during the 2016 season, the front office and fans alike were calling for a new threat at a position that was a liability a year ago. The addition of Evan Engram during the draft gives the Giants’ the most NFL ready Tight End in the draft. Engram is such a force in the passing game, and being paired up with Odell and Marshall, this Giants’ team that could not score during crunch time a year ago will likely have no problem doing so this season.