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Undisciplined Giants won't dig out of this 0-3 hole, and that's on Ben McAdoo | Politi

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PHILADELPHIA — Forget the game-winning field goal, even if, for the 69,569 delirious Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field, it was pretty much the definition of unforgettable

Jake Elliott’s incredible 61-yard kick was the play that beat the Giants on Saturday afternoon and — let’s face it — likely ended a season that started with such high expectations. That was the gut punch, the moment that will get replayed every time these two teams play for the foreseeable future.

But it was a series of mistakes that happened in the three hours before that kick that truly undid this Giants team. It was the broken coverage that allowed the Eagles to get into field-goal range on the previous play, for starters, or the botched offensive drive the preceded that.

It was an awful holding penalty that backed up the team, and a lousy Brad Wing punt that gave the Eagles a puncher’s chance, and the inability to wrap up Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz for a sack with 13 seconds left on the clock. 

It was all that and more — so much more — throughout this game, and that falls on the man in charge. The Giants are a mistake-ridden, undisciplined, occasionally classless outfit in 2017, and head coach Ben McAdoo shoulders the blame for this 0-3 start more than anyone. 

“A lot of guys are disappointed right now and rightfully so,” McAdoo said after the 27-24 loss. “The game continues to teach us tough lessons that we have to learn from and learn from in a hurry and fix it.”

So can he fix himself?

McAdoo’s decision making continues to be a major issue for this team. He punted twice from well inside Philadelphia territory in the first quarter, and when he did roll the dice on a fourth-and-inches near the Eagles goal line,

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