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Jim Mora is cussing on TV again

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“Tell Scott he’s full of sh*t.”

Jim Mora Sr. gave the world another classic moment with a microphone in front of his face on Monday night while on New Orleans’ WDSU NBC 6.

The studio host, Scott Walker, was sending it out to Mora, Fletcher Mackel, and Sharief Ishaq, when he said, “The later it gets, the less patient coach [Mora] gets with Fletcher and Sharief, guys.” When Ishaq repeated what he said, Mora says with a laugh, “Tell Scott he’s full of shit.”

The reaction by Mackel is incredible. He doesn’t play it off very well, and is grimacing while putting his hand over the top of Mora’s microphone.

Mora appears to ask what the problem is, when Mackel and Ishaq inform him that they’re live on the air.

It’s not the first time Mora has delivered a gem with a microphone in his face. Like that time he said the Saints couldn’t do “diddly poo.”

Of course, there’s also PLAYOFFS!?!

Any time Jim Mora is around, just talk to the guy. It makes the world a funnier place.

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