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Giants regroup and look for answers on offense

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Coach Ben McAdoo discusses the Giants performance on offense against the Cowboys:

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The Giants returned to New Jersey in the wee hours of this morning under no illusions about their play last night in Dallas. Their performance and execution across the board simply wasn’t good enough to win their opener, particularly on the road against a team as good as the Dallas Cowboys.

Everyone seemed to have their own words for summarizing what happened and the challenges that lie ahead, perhaps no one more succinctly, if not grammatically refined, than left guard Justin Pugh.


“The way we looked tonight,” Pugh said, “ain’t going to win us any football games in the NFL.”

The Giants came up short in a number of areas in their 19-3 defeat to Dallas. The most obvious is not scoring a touchdown. Underlying the paucity of points was a rushing attack that generated just 35 yards and 2.9 yards a carry, a passing game that had just two of its 29 completions gain more than 20 yards, and a defense that allowed eight successful conversions in 15 third-down opportunities. The Giants made four of 12, and held the ball for just 25:46.

“What we need to work on as a team – quite simply, play more offense, play less defense,” coach Ben McAdoo said today. “Time of possession is important, as is field position. Offensively, we need timely third-down conversions. We need to make the makeable ones. On defense – if you want to play third down and long, we have to win the down on first and second down on a consistent basis.”

The inability to run the ball – an issue that was prevalent during much of the Giants’ 11-5 season in 2016 – elicited more questions about the offensive line, and whether McAdoo would consider scheme or personnel changes.

“We’ll consider all those moving forward,” he said when asked specifically about schemes. “Take a look at it week-to-week like we always do and do what we feel is best for the team.
“We need to do a better job on third down handling the stunts, that’s for sure, and pass protection. … We just need to get better technically. We had some technical breakdowns and, again, it’s not one guy. There’s enough to spread around and the tight ends are in there as well. The running backs fit in. Again,

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