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Ben McAdoo: Blame me for Giants' pivotal 4th-and-goal fail vs. Eagles

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Ben McAdoo is pointing the finger at himself for the Giants‘ disastrous fourth-and-goal fail late in the first half of Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Eagles.

“I need a better call there on the fourth down from the 1-yard line,” McAdoo said Monday on his day-after conference call, although he did not indicate he had any regrets about passing up a short field goal try after his offense was thrown for a turnover on downs right before halftime.

The call didn’t directly lose the game for the Giants, but it certainly didn’t help their cause. On fourth-and-goal from inside the Eagles’ 1 with the Giants down 7-0 and 24 seconds left before the break, the Philly defensive line caved in the Giants’ offensive line, particularly on the left side, and swarmed running back Orleans Darkwa for a 1-yard loss. The play never had any chance.

“I think they had better angles than we had,” McAdoo said. “Getting to something that has a little better chance, little better angles. Put the big guys in a bad spot there.”

The Giants lined up with two tight ends in-line, two wide receivers split out and Darkwa behind Manning in the backfield. The Eagles had nine men in the box. McAdoo acknowledged a run had little chance of succeeding, and the Giants would have been better off working one of the receiver matchups to the outside. He also seemed to dismissed the idea fullback Shane Smith could have made a difference if on the field as a lead blocker.

Where do 0-3 Giants go from here?

“They were all hunkered down in there, whether you had a fullback on the field or not. It was going to be tough sledding. Again, like I said, I would like to have that call back. We did have

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