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What does Giants rookie Davis Webb think of Eli Manning's plan to play until he's 40?

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EAST RUTHERFORD — The jury is still out on Davis Webb’s ability to eventually replace Eli Manning as the Giants‘ starting quarterback. But the rookie already has proven that he’s as adept as Manning at sidestepping potential controversies.

Manning, 36, told ESPN earlier this week that he thinks he can play another four years. It would be good news for Manning and the Giants if he’s still playing at a high level at 40. But that would mean Webb, a third-round pick this year, would be on the bench for his entire rookie contract.

Webb took Manning’s proclamation in stride.

“He’s doing great,” Webb said. “He’s been playing really well. He’s been a huge blessing for me just growing as a quarterback, especially coming to an NFL offense. We talk just about everything under the sun, whether that be music to movies to football plays mostly. I’ve really grown watching him, watching him prepare for this week and just watching him every day in practice, he’s a true professional. I’m blessed to be behind and be in the same room as a Hall of Fame-caliber quarterback like him.”

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Webb was asked if he’d like to play until he’s 40.

“Yeah. I’d like to play tomorrow first,” Webb said. “I kind of just worry about the here and now.”

Webb’s current status is the fourth quarterback behind Manning, Geno Smith and Josh Johnson. Coach Ben McAdoo left the door open a crack this week for Webb to push for the No. 2 job, but he’ll most likely spend his rookie season as the third quarterback.

Just as he’s not worried about how long Manning intends to play, Webb isn’t getting caught up in the possibility of moving up the depth chart.

“The biggest thing I kind of do is commit

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